Save at Starbucks When You Use a ReUsable Cup

Deep down inside I think everyone knows this, bring a reusable cup to Starbucks and they will put your drink in it for you. To sweeten the deal you save $0.10 off your drink. But lets face it have you ever seen someone do it? Are you willing to be the one to do it? Will people look at you?

The answer is simply Starbucks staff did not mind and no one noticed what I was doing. As you will notice most of my posts are about me doing things in my private life that are green. I have not chosen to tie myself to tree or participate in protests and get arrested. My personality makes me stop short of troubling others with my green lifestyle. I thought that bringing my own cup may slowdown the line at Starbucks (a line that in the morning if there is even one person in front of or behind you is arguably to long in our busy world).

Recycled Tumbler by Starbucks (12-oz.)


So on Sunday I went to Starbucks (after I went to the gym!?) and purchases a grande green tumbler made from recycled materials at Starbucks and got my hot chocolate (the irony of this whole post is that I do not drink coffee). I was at my local residential Starbucks and they did not care or bat an eyelash, they even rinsed out the tumbler for me before they put they made my drink since I just purchases it. So check, residential neighborhood Starbucks ok to use cup.

Today, I went to my local, by my office, Starbucks in the big city. There was a line but I stood strong and decided I had to give it a try. I gave them my cup and other than them momentarily being unsure as to whether I was purchasing the tumbler too it went off with out a hitch. They interestingly did not put the cap on… I am sure it is probably for legal purposes in case they do it wrong and I spill it all over me.

I will tell you I am not ready to do this at any train or bus station, us commuters live and die by the minute so if there is even a hiccup in the system people could decide to kill me on the spot and I would not be able to enjoy the yummy hot chocolate.

Starbucks has a whole line of products made from recycled goods you can go to their website to see them or find a local store here.

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