Go Green Expo

GoGreenExpo Los Angeles

I will be living tweeting tomorrow from the Go Green Expo follow me @greenforu

What is Go Green Expo? A 3 day exhibit with seminars, speeches, demontrations, and a “green” marketplace.

What is the purpose? To learn how green alternatives can positivily change the way you inpact the environment.

Here is a list of speakers

  • Ed Begley Jr.
  • Mariel Hemingway
  • Matthew Modine
  • Amanda D’Aiuto
  • Ana Paula Tavares
  • Beth Fiteni
  • Bobby Williams
  • Brandford Rand
  • Cheryl Perez
  • Chris Gravanga
  • Craig Michaels
  • Dan Shapley
  • David Kistner
  • David Pospisil
  • Davida Heller
  • Gwen Sheinfeld
  • Jamie Pollack
  • Jim MacDonald
  • Joanna Black
  • Michael Parris DuDell
  • Mindy Pennybacker
  • MJ Jolda
  • and many more!!!

Here is a list of exhibitors.

Check out the Go Green Expo website here they have expos all over the country.

Please follow me tomorrow while I tweet away and look for lots of blog posts in the weeks to come about all the exciting things I saw there.

Picture used above is from the Go Green Expo website.

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