Earth Hour USA a Report

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has been working for years now to spread the word about Earth Hour. This year was the 3rd year I participated but you do not hear many Americans talking about it. I do not know a single person who participated.

I looked out my window and I saw ONE neighbors lights out and arguably they were out. Towns and cities were not putting out their lights. Everything appeared illuminated as usual.

I went on Twitter and followed the #earthhour tweets when North America was starting Earth Hour and number of tweeting participants dropped signifigantly once it got to the US (forget the argument that tweeting violated Earth Hour). Of the people tweeting a significant number were people stating they were turning all their lights on to undo what other people were doing. Really? Even as joke that is just stupid.

You can go to the offical US site for Earth Hour has pictures of forgein cities participating in Earth Hour.  

Americans use more energy than anyone else yet we have the nerve to not even shut our lights off for an HOUR once a year. This is a simple act and most Americans could not participate… If we cannot shut our lights off for an hour our planet is doomed Americans will vigorously work to ruin the planet for everyone!

I am not usually so doomsday-ish but really we all could not turn out our lights for an hour?!

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