Off Shore Drilling- Come on Obama?

So as news hits today that President Obama is allowing offshore drilling in Maryland and other locations off the coast of the US. His goal is reduce our dependency on foreign oil and keep oil prices competitive so that we do not fall victim to the uncertainties and instabilities in the oil rich Middle East. I get it, but this a very short-sighted solution that takes no consideration for the environment.

Politically, it is hard to argue with this decision as things are slowly simmering and heating up with Iran and other Middle Eastern countries. The US could be crippled by serious turmoil there and more US military involvement. Our gas prices could sky-rocket in the blink of an eye (or explosion of a missile) or worse there could just be less oil coming into the country (I have to say I highly doubt that, Americans need oil and oil rich countries want us to buy it). If we have our own oil we have spared ourselves some of the headaches that could come from major disruptions in Middle East oil supplies.

Lets face it the bigger problem is our oil consumption… Americans use 20 million barrels of oil per day according to the Department of Energy!! We need to find other ways to do things that do not use oil or at least uses less oil. Money and human capital should be used to create solutions that help create these less oil dependant products so that we can stop having to think about where we will get more oil!

I also have read that this measure was put in place to hope garner more support to sweeping energy and climate change legislation. I hate to be skeptical, but I will believe it when I see it. I think that is great argument to make people less upset by what is was proposed today but the fact that there was so much fighting over the direct health care of our fellow human beings and ourselves, I cannot see climate change legislation getting off the ground especially after the health care past dog fight. Some people still do not believe in global warming but everyone believes cancer exists and Congress could barely get the believable one done (I am getting into a different post for a different day).

Here is some more information about Obama’s plan:

  • Off shore drilling exploration along the East Coast from the northern tip of Delaware to the central coast of Florida, covering 167 million acres of ocean and in Alaska 130 million acres of ocean.
  • Delaware to Maine and most of the West Coast will remain off limits for drilling.
  • Some of these proposals were George W. Bush’s ideas (ugh need I say more)

Read the NYTimes article here

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