Upcycling, Terracycle, and Walmart?

OK so I put the keywords right in the title of the post but really Terracycle and Walmart have partnered to sell upcycled products starting today.

First, what is upcycling? basically it is taking items that would otherwise end up in the garabage and making it into something new (different than recycling in that it reuses the product in it’s current form, it does not chemically mash it up to manufacture something new… think taking an old pair of ripped jeans and making it into a skirt or a purse).

You have probably seen Terracycles stuff before at Whole Foods, Home Depot, and Target. They make clipboards out of old computer circut boards, coasters from the center of old vynil records and book bags from candy wrappers.

They work with a network of people and places to collect their materials. Their website boasts over 9 million people collecting materials for them!! If you want to be a collector sign up here. You can sign up a group of people to fundraise for your school or group or you can choose one of their preselected orgnizations for your donation to go to. They have already collected 1.2 BILLION units of waste and donated $700,000 to charity!

Terracycle has joined with Walmart to market Terracycle’s products next to products they use to make them. Imagine Skittles next to the Skittle’s kite! All the Walmarts around the country will be selling 60 of Terracycle’s products. The goal is to help consumers see what they can do with their garbage (and maybe get Terracycle more collectors).

Here are some of the items that they will be selling at Walmart:

Eco-Kite: The world’s first standard Delta Kite to be made from food wrappers! These brightly colored kites are made from waste packaging of popular brands like M&M’s, Skittles, Frito-Lay and Oreo and look great flying at the beach or above your picnic. Cookie wrappers, chip bags and candy wrappers are made strong and light to protect your snacks, which makes them an ideal material to make these affordable, fun kites. 
Kids Growing Kit: Teach kids about gardening and the environment at the same time with the TerraCycle Kid’s Growing Kits for Vegetables, Flowers or Herbs. The Kits use upcycled Stonyfield Yogurt Cups as planting pots and TerraCycle’s famous Worm Poop mixed with compost for the growing medium. The Kits come with growing instructions and the cardboard tray holding it all together is even embedded with the seeds needed to start the plants. Almost no part of these kits is waste and they come with everything you need to start growing right away. Stonyfield and TerraCycle run a free collection program that pays organizations 3 cents for every used Yogurt Cup they collect.
Printed Totes and Wristlets: For the first time, TerraCycle is proud to introduce a full line of bags made from upcycled food wrappers that are reserved to show the white or silver side, instead of the branded side with logos. Frito-Lay wrappers are turned inside out and have a variety of patterns ranging from flowers to skulls printed on each side. With handles and trim selected to match the patterns, no one will even know these bags are made from waste, until you tell them of course! The line includes a variety of tote bags, wristlets and clutches.
Notebooks, Folders, Pencil Cases and Journals: TerraCycle makes a full line of Journals, Folders and Notebooks made from used Mars candy wrappers from favorite brands like Skittles and M&M’s, as well as, Capri Sun drink pouches. These unique, bright items are great for school or personal use. Made from waste wrappers, all of TerraCycle school products have a drastically smaller carbon footprint than traditional products and are still just as affordable and fashionable as any other item!
Accessories Bags: This range of bags includes everything from camera and shoulder bags to backpacks and lunchboxes.  Made from a variety of upcycled wrappers including Mars candy wrappers, Frito-Lay wrappers and Capri Sun drink pouches. The items are made from the same wrappers that will cover the very food they may hold on the way to school or work! All made with trim and handles which match the original logos product these bags are as fun and fashionable as they are eco-friendly!

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2 thoughts on “Upcycling, Terracycle, and Walmart?

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