Earth Day 40 Years from now…

So 40 years ago Earth Day involved Hippies… or at least that is my impression of it. It was group of people who in retrospect were visionaries they saw that our reckless ways were going to have a horrible effect on our environment. You can look back at family photo’s and probably identify the person in your family back in the day who was a hippie and probably thought Earth Day was cool… you also probably still know that person and their commitment to the environment might not be as strong.

Earth Day is not taken as seriously as it should and I am not sure that is going to change. About 23 years ago I entered and won a contest to create a poster about recycling. I drew two pictures on the poster one of a beautiful green world and one of a dark dirty garbage infested one it said something like recycle to get the world you want. Today, we are still trying to get people to recycle!

I do not want to sound so discouraging but really we have to get our act together as a society and I think we are. I think we are actually moving more quickly to making real change in our lives and the choices available to us. Here are some of the thing that have improved over the last 40 years:

  • Use of solar panels (they have been around for a while but now it is easier for people to get them on their homes)
  • Hybrid cars
  • Recycling is easier now than it used to be (municipal pickups or drop offs)
  • We have a President that kinda cares about the environment (Carter cared more)
  • Using reusable bags at the grocery store and reusable water bottles (even if they are plastic)
  • People are aware of what they are doing… this is a good and bad thing

I hope that when my daughter is celebrating Earth Day 20 years from now she is driving a car that uses no gas or oil and has zero emissions. I hope that she is able to live in a house with solar panels (or receives her energy from renewable resources). Her home is energy efficient and is built with environmentally responsable products. I hope she NEVER has to use a plastic bottle for soda, water or other beverages (tall order but really we use way to many disposable containers). She never sees a styrofoam container anywhere (unless she hangs out in a landfill and find the Dunkin Donut cups from the last 25 years). She is able to eat organic, locally grown food all the time without having to work two jobs to pay for it. I hope she loves me as much as I love her and that I taught her that even if everyone else is not living the life I just described she is comfortable enough in living that life so she can help the planet.

We all really need to make a lifestyle change or our children are going to have a difficult time living on this planet. I hope my daughter is writing about other things 40 years from now because this is the way everyone is living.

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