My Top 10 Posts About the Environment

In honor of Earth Day and the visitors that might stumble upon my blog I thought I would post a compilation of my top posts:

Why Styrofoam is Bad: all the facts you need to know about styrofoam and how to contact Dunkin Donuts since they are the worst offenders of using Styrofoam!!

Why Plastic is Bad: all the facts you need to know about plastic and what the numbers mean on the bottom of your plastic items.

Terracycle and Walmart: Terracycle is an interesting company that is using wrapper to create new products with remanufacturing them they make some really cool things

Homemade Cleaning Products:Recipes on cleaning products that are all natural to clean your home with

Interview with a 7 yr old about the Enviroment: An interview I conducted with my niece two years ago about her views on the enviroment

Grass Fed Beef: I held a tasting with 12 of my friends of LaCense grass fed beef and posted their comments

Green Items for Kids and Babies: a list of things to buy to help green your kids lives

How Solar Power Works: a very basic introduction to how solar power works

How to Contact Your State and Local officials: a page of my blog dedicated to helping you find all your officials so you can contact them and tell them your commitment to the enviroment. I even included members of key environmental committees for Congress.

Why Earth Needs a Good PR Firm: just a personal favorite commentary, a fun read that I hope you enjoy.

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2 thoughts on “My Top 10 Posts About the Environment

  1. Earth Day 40 should be both a celebration of what we have accomplished and reminder of how much work we still need to do to bring our Mother Earth back into a healthy balance. We have today more awakened citizens of Earth who know their responsibility. We also have a powerful force for continued air pollution, poisoning of our waters, destruction of our natural environment, unforgivable killing of wild life, contamination of our food chain, obstructionism by powerful lobbies to prevent long term change because of short term profit and the list goes on. Every voice is needed for humanity to speak out as a Family to stop the insanity. Thank you for what you are doing today and in the future to awaken a sleeping public.

    Keep on keeping on walking and working for the future of our planet.
    Mother Earth has given us life. Our heart beat frequency in hertz is the same as that of planet Earth/Gaia. When will we wake up and realize we are actually really scientifically spiritually One with the Life of Earth? I hope soon.

    What is next is the realization by a growing number of people that we are actually One with the Earth. Not just in theory or in just a nice mystical way but actually. With this realization we will be able to THINK, use our thoughts to heal the great damage done to OUR body. Energy follows thought. The answers already exist but people are not looking in the right places. As we awaken we will see.

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