Survey Says: Guy Like Green Girls!!

So there is a study that came out that says that guys like girls who are green. Drive a gas guzzler, litter, or leave the lights on… you are going to have some lonely nights ahead of you to ponder your eharmony and profile. Guys like chicks that love the Earth too…

More than half the men surveyed stated that they think a woman who is ecofriendly would make a good friend or wife. But I have to add my own spin on this information, most men do NOT want the super crunchy granola chick who does not groom herself to standards that are considered normal and I would venture to guess ruining a date analyzing everything that is non-ecofriendly that you walk by would be taking this survey findings a bit too far.

It is nice to know that your green efforts will help make you more attractive to a mate… so ladies do your makeup and make sure you leave your recycle bin out where he can see it in case you bring him home.

Here is the link to the actual survey info: Timberland Survey

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