What the Lost Finale Can Teach Us About The Oil Spill

So I am upset by two things… One the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and Lost having its series finale, which I will go on record as loving!!

As I was reading the NY Times this morning and read that BP could have made better choices on the casing of the well to keep the gases from escaping (which was the cause of the explosion that caused the oil spill to begin). But then I read the Haliburton is the company that installed it! All I can think about is Haliburton being involved in all things evil in this world.

So given that half my mind is consumed with thoughts of Lost and it themes I could not help but think that Haliburton is the corporate incarnation of Flocke. It does not care what happens to the rest of the world, Smokey/Flocke just wanted to leave the island no matter the cost, Haliburton wants to make money no matter the cost to the rest of the world.

Who else is at fault? Who is helping Smokey/Flocke/Haliburton, knowingly and unknowingly? Ben helped Smokey on the island in the ways he thought he could get control and power… Sound like anyone we know with Haliburton… Dick Cheney anyone. I think that even this oil spill will not turn our former VP around like Ben did on Lost, in fact I am pretty sure anyone that meets Cheney in the afterlife will not say what Hurley said to Ben at the end “you were a good number 2.” What about BP? They have a chance for redemption, they could pull a Ben and redeem themselves by sparing no expense at fixing the problem, making sure it does not happen again, and helping all the people and places that were affected by it…. Kinds sounds like Desmond a little bit right, he was not the source of the problems but helped everyone get to their peaceful end where they were suffering no more.

But really who will be our savior? Who will literally fight for what is right and fix this regardless of what it takes and what they sacrifice… Who will be the world Jack (I did not watch 24 but you probably substitute our other famous Jack this week here too) on this matter? Obama? Let me be on record I voted for and still support Obama HOWEVER his handling of this matter has been devoid of leadership or change the two pillars he ran his election on… I want Presidential Candidate Obama back not President Obama on this crisis. I feel for the guy, who wants to have manage a world financial crisis and wars in addition to the worst environmental disaster ever BUT he asked for the job just like Jack did in the second to last episode of Lost. Jack took the job not knowing exactly how to do it but knew he had to figure out how to. Obama needs to come to the same realization and VERY quickly.

Lost took the theme of evil being contained by taking the figurative idea and making it real by literally capping a hole in the ground and now here we are with the same problem. The oil is representing evil in our world right now, it stands to ruin millions of peoples lives and our planet (yes there are other evil things in the world) and it too needs to be capped and contained.

One of the main themes in Lost was faith vs science and think this debate can easily be applied here but not in the way you expect. On Lost we were led down this road for so that long that we wanted answers to our questions and that if we did not get all the answers by the finale we were robbed, most of these people were the “Man of Science” believers and they are the ones who hated the finale, they are also the people that we all thought we were who watched the show. I spent countless emails and hours discussing with my friends that I wanted answers in the finale, like what was up with Walt, what are the numbers…etc. Ultimately, I realized I was a “Man of Faith” I wanted to see the characters that I knew and loved live a life that they deserved and to be happy. We confuse our discussion about the environment too much with science, we are still talking about the climate panel scientists and who lied and who told the truth…etc. Does oil scientifically make our lives easier ABSOLULTELY!! But our faithful side realizes that our decisions today are ones that everyone will live with long after we are gone and while science (what we know of it now) says we might be ok we cannot know for sure. We need to realize that in our time here we have to do what is most important for everyone… like our characters on Lost, we would not have had a show to watch if they did not realize they had to do the right thing.

So for everyone who will post comments here I just want you to know that I am not delusional Lost was a TV show and this oil spill is real, I am simply showing that the themes of the show are easily applied in the situation here.

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2 thoughts on “What the Lost Finale Can Teach Us About The Oil Spill

  1. For the record… when I started this blog I tried to decide if I would blog about Lost or the environment so I am really happy that I got to write one post that merged both!

  2. During the end of the church service today, I made the same connection between the Lost finale and this tragic hole in the earth. Alas, no Lost fans to discus this theory. It was Trinity Sunday and the rector message was about the interconnection of God and creation. Copies of the Presiding Bishop’s message to the Huffington Post were available. I urge everyone to read it.
    Whatever we think about the finale and Jack’s test, the series was about the characters. One could say that the past years in our country and all over the world have been about character. Some of our leaders will never admit their errors. Until we admit the interconnectedness of all creation and use this as an opportunity to see that we can not and must not depend on fossil fuels, I fear we will truly not be able to make things right.

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