My Love of Paper

I have a confession to make I love paper… all kinds of paper, note cards journals, good notebooks…etc. I recently was in a gift shop that had a little side room of stationary and I was in that little room for 20 minutes obsessing over what little notebook I was going to buy to keep in my purse to write notes in.

I love paper for silly reasons, I have several beautiful journals that have never been written in… I have tons of supplies to make beautiful note cards and I do make them but sometimes I do not have the right occasion made and I need a card quickly so I go and by one multiplying my “ungreeness” (new word!!).

Letters and invites, I love to get them in the mail… real ones not evites (although I love evites because I get to see who is invited and who is coming). I just love looking at invites and stationary it shows a person’s personality. Yes, you can pick templates to put your emails and invites in but simply put it is not the same and most of us are not skilled enough to create our own templates.

Since I started this blog I really was hoping there would be a day where I could comfortably talk about eliminating paper as much as possible but I try not to be a hypocrite here (and if I am I usually disclose). I do love paper but I do try to minimize the amount of it I use. Here are some ways I try to minimize the amount I use:

  • I write my grocery list on the back of a junk mail envelope and put my coupons inside.
  • Canceled my newspaper subscription and get all my news via the internet.
  • I have tried in vain to stop junk mail, even using a service (and paid for it) it helped but it did not solve the problem.
  • Emailed people to invite them to my house or to party
  • Not renewed my magazine subscriptions (this is really tough because there are a lot of magazines I really love but I have cut it down to the top 3). I am hoping that they start to have magazine subscriptions on readers like the ipad and kindle that are the same as the paper version.
  • Use reusable bags at the grocery store (that probably eliminates¬†more plastic use than paper but it still counts)

Do you have suggestions on how I could minimize my use of the paper? Good solutions on how I could use my computer to help with my paper addiction.

UPDATE: Good friend and fellow blogger was on the same wave length as me on paper this week she posted a review of a great website that helps people like me do paperless invites and stationary in a personalized way…. check out her link to get free stuff too. Check out her blog cupcakes and cutlery

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