Dear President Obama

Dear President Obama,

I am writing to you as a independent voter that voted for you in the election. While I do not envy the crisis’ that have come your way during your tenure I had higher expectations of you particularly on the environment and environmental policy. Even before the BP oil catastrophe the environment was an important topic to this country. I specifically voted for you because I thought of all the candidates out there you recognized or would recognize the dire importance of addressing this issue during your presidency.

Your speech on. Was refreshing, albeit quite late on the topics you discussed. You took a strong stance that we needed to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and make the US a leader in alternative energy. What have you done since then? Pretty much nothing… Sorry hate to say it but nothing.

You did not worked to garner the votes needed in the Senate to pass the energy reform bill. You have did little to speak about it’s importance. Basically, you have acted like a father making empty promises to your kids… I promise I am going to go to your recital next week but you just do not go because other more important things came up. Just like the analogy of a childs recital you will look back and realize this is one of the most important things you could have done.

Go out their to tell Congress why this is important. Tell Congress why they should bring the bill back. Tell the American people how you are going to do it and why it is the best way. The American people want to do the right thing, but we do not have the option all the time because their is no incentive for business to do it.

This is the most important issue you will address in your presidency. Right now it seems like the economy and the war are your biggest issues but I am sure I will not be the first one to tell you the environmental policy can help change both those issues. If we reduce our dependance on foreign oil we will be able to minimize our need for these lengthy engagements in the oil rich middle east. If we invest in renewable energy we will become a leader in the world and our economy will turn around. We have all the capacity to do these things. But we need our leader to take us there.

Please become then President I hoped for when I voted for you. Right now you are simply a disappointment and a disappointment to your children who will have to live in the mess you chose not to address during your presidency.



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