Dear American Public

Dear American Public,

Independent, conservative, liberal, republican, democrat, registered, non registered, blue state or red state resident I ask you to call your congressman and woman to action. The climate bill died last week because we did not let our representatives in government know that we actually cared.

Instead of carrying a canvas grocery bag and thinking that is enough of a statement we need to actually act on our green intentions. Right now our opt ins are to eat organic food, carry reusable bags, wear organic cotton, and buy overpriced hybrid cars (not electric or the super fuel efficient). Stand up for your self. Stop letting this happen.

While I am not a fan of big government we need our government give business the incentives they need to create jobs, decrease our dependance on foreign oil, and improve our environment. As a typical consumer we have vert few hybrid cars to choose from that are affordable and truly fuel efficient. Many cannot purchase energy from renewable resources where they live. Many do not have enough money to buy solar panels for their homes (even if they are in the exact perfect spot for it to give them enough energy worth the price).

We have to make it worth businesses effort to provide us with these products. We could have a whole new sector of the economy that could start our economy growth to get us out of the recession. We need a green reform, we need change.

Do you know anyone who is overseas fighting in our wars? Wouldn’t you like to see them home? Would you like to see them home with the people they love and the people in the places that they were would like to see them gone as well? Regardless of how you feel about war, this or any other, you can admit that our dependance on forgeign oil does not allow us to stay out of some of these conflicts. We need a green reform, we need change.

Do you have children? Do you have family with children? Do you know children? Our world is changing and we cannot change the chemistry that has made it what it is today, but we work to keep it from getting worse. We need a green reform, we need a change.

If we do not tell business and our leaders what we want who will? How will we get what we need? Why will they offer it to us? Why will our leaders introduce bills to protect us?

Write to you leaders today and tell them what is important to you. We need change.


Click here to go to my page on how to contact your congressman.


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