Day 100

I would love to never have written this post but here we are at day 100 since the oil spill/disaster began. We are maybe a little closer to solving the problem of the oil leaking into the ocean. It was positive to see that they were able drastically slow the flow last week but had to abandon for short time because of the tropical storm. We have no idea if pressure is building up underneath the surface that may make the oil seep out of the floor of the ocean. If that happens it will be a disaster of epic proportions because if we cannot cut off one source, we cannot cut off thousands of little ones.

Remember when this started and they said a relief well would be done in August…. Well? Any idea when that will be done? It sounds like it is our last hope.

So stopping the oil is only one of many issues to address. Clean up is the huge looming issue. Skimmer boats, booms, barrier islands and all sorts of other things are being used to keep the oil from land. Some areas have been lucky because of currents while others have been lucky because of the measures taken but the oil is out there and there is not unlimited resources to protect the thousands of miles of beaches and wetlands that may be affected. How do we sustain this defense? Even when the oil stops flowing we will have weeks and months of protecting these spaces.

satellite image of gulf oil spill

Dispersant…. I still cannot even talk about what a horrible idea it is to pump chemicals into the water to keep the oil from appearing on the surface (the only place that we have figured out how to crudely collect the oil). This is miles…. That is right…. Miles of oil under the surface of the water that we cannot see or track that will make surprise appearances in the future. This simply was a solution of the PR minds at BP and the PR firm working with them. If all the oil that is under the surface could be seen people would really freak out.

BP’s CEO, is the guy an idiot… Yes. But seriously this guy is not the reason why this happened it is multinational corporation with lots of people working there making decisions that never get to the CEO. It was brilliant to keep this guy in his position, use him to be the whipping boy in the news and just as things are about to turn around announce that he is going to step down, get the press to vet the new guy in the interim and then start anew when the well is capped. BP will be able to reinvent themselves once he is gone and shed all the negative of this by pushing it on the yacht owning schlump (quick side note, I totally get why he said he wants his life back, ever work really hard at work and say that to your coworker, yup, but is the press following your very move nope. I want him to have his life back to because this means this is over). All this being said the new CEO has a huge uphill, oil slicked, battle ahead of him.

President Obama has faced criticism over his administration's response to the Gulf oil spill.

President Obama, what can I say his lack of leadership is disappointing. Here it is day 100 and he is not in the Gulf checking in on progress he is at Democratic Party fundraisers. I real thought he would be a President to help the environment.

So is there anything different, positive 100 days later…. Not really. Great people are voluenteering, a small fraction of America that was “drill baby drill” are rethinking their ways, some people do not want invest in BP and maybe some amazing engineers in school are thinking of school projects they can do to create things that prevent these disasters. This should have really shook up our country in way that would really ignite a debate our oil use but we cannot even get a climate bill though the senate.

So a 100 days after this started there is still disappointment in BP, President Obama, and the American people that they have not realized what this means AND the oil is still flowing.

I hope I do not have a day 150 post or worse a day 200 post!!!

Images from Nasa, Getty Images, and texasarkanagazette.


2 thoughts on “Day 100

  1. His ambivalence on the disaster is painful and mind boggling. At first I thought all the conspiracy theories were silly (he approved offshore drilling hoping for an accident, and then was happy with the spill because it allowed him to ban drilling with political cover, etc.), but now I am not so sure.

    He certainly acts like a man who is perfectly fine with the WEDIAH (worst environmental disaster in American history).

    Dereliction of Duty in the extreme.

    • Sasoc- Could not agree with you disappointment. If he was happy with the disaster to give him political cover I would think he would be taking a harder stance on the environment now. I doubt he is happy with a disaster, being Pres. is hard but really this could have made it easier for him to push an environmental agenda.

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