Back the School: Lunch the Green Way

It is back to school time and as you get ready to do your weekend grocery shopping for the school lunches here are some ways that you can “green” their lunches:

Buy a lunch box. Not a plastic one but a metal one or of recycled materials (follow the link for some cool bags).

Photo courtesy of Kleen Kanteen

Put your kids drinks in a reusable water bottle. For those of you who read my blog regularly you probably feel like this is a broken record but it makes a HUGE difference. This is one of the best things you can do for the environment. My niece loves my Sigg and they make Sigg water bottles for kids. Here is a link to some really cool Sigg bottles or Klean Kanteen also has some great bottles!!!

Pack utensils for them. It is just as easy to put them into the dishwasher at night with the dinner dishes.

Pack a cloth napkin. Some kids admittedly will not go for this one… but see how they feel about it. Being green is in right now so they might be game for it.

Buy them organic and locally grown food. Even if it is just for a few weeks try to get to the farmers market before they go away for the winter and get some locally grown food.

Do not buy juice boxes or prepackaged food. Beside the obvious packaging issues for the environment, think of your kids health. Really read the label of a Lunchable… it is a disgrace and we wonder why kids have health problems. I have told all my friends who have or are having kids if I see them feed their kid an Uncrustable I will report them to the authorities or steal their kid 😉 if you cannot make your kid a PBJ you probably should not have kids… Ok off my soapbox, sorry.

Do not put things in plastic baggies. Find a reusable container to put these items in. Unfortunately, the easiest and safest ones are plastic but if you use them for an entire school year I have to think that is better than 180+ plastic baggies.

Photo’s courtesty of Kleen Kanteen,, and Go Lightly

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