New Uses for Old Jeans

I love to sew and craft and I have had very little time to that for the last few years. I have decided that I am going to try to do it more in an effort to get myself geared up for that I have been reading lots of craft blogs. I have seen some awesome things. Denim is a fabric that every crafter should use over and over again!

First of all did you know that 15-20% of fabric used in making clothes heads to a landfill. It is cheaper to throw it away than to recycle or reuse it!!

Simon Collins of Parsons said in an article in the New York Times that “jeans are the most wasteful and polluting garments that are made.” He said that it is not just the unused fabric but the dyes used to make jean and then the process that the jeans go through again to look aged. Read the whole article it is facinating (click here)


The wallet above is from click here for a how-to-do instructions. Next time you hem your jeans do not throw away the cuff. I am always amazed at peoples creativity.

This is from Ecoterre of some great things companies are doing with denim. There are pencils and office supplies from Green Earth Office Supply. There are also awesome note cards… you know I love paper, see my post on that here.

This is the coolest. Laura from The Klubb took a bunch of her old jeans and made a slipcover for her IKEA chair. Read her full post here.


There are also companies that make insulation. You may remember a few months ago Gap gave you a discount if you donated jeans to be made for insulation.

Do you have any good examples of jean recycling?


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