Two Years of Progress

Two years ago I interviewed my niece asking her about what she had learned about the environment. You can see her answers from 2 years ago here. You will see some of her answers changed but others have stayed the same (I was surprised by what stayed the same).

The picture she drew 2 years ago that I use for my avatar

  • What do you learn about the environment in school? at home?
    We learn about the environment in social studies like how we need to recycle. If we throw out a can 1000s of years it will still be here. Our whole planet will be a trash yard if we do not recycle. In science we learn about nature (not really environmentalism). At home my Mom recycles… She just says we need to but she does not tells us why. My Dad does not recycle, he said it is a lot of work.

  • Do you recycle at school? at home?
  • Yes, paper and the water bottles. I followed up by asking if she could bring reusable water bottles to school she said “yes. We are allowed to bring reusable and plastic water bottles to school and I do.”

  • What do you think you could do to save more water?
  • Shut water off when actually brushing our teeth. Flush the toilet only when you have used it. (I had to follow-up this quote by asking why else you would flush the toilet) Well we play around by flushing it with nothing in it at school. There is a game flush the toilet, one kid goes to the bathroom flushes the toilet and them comes back and hits someones hand and they run back to the bathroom to flush it. We see how many kids can go to the bathroom in recess.

  • Do you think you could use less electricity? How?
  • Leave all the lights and tv off when you leave the house. Sometimes we forget to do that when we are leaving. Unplug stuff when not using it because it still uses power when it is plugged in.

  • Would you ever drive a small car?
  • No, I would never drive a small car… Having a small car is dangerous, if you get into an accident you would be seriously injured.

  • Which do you like better hot or cold weather? Why?
  • Like cold weather I do not like to play soccer in the heat. You sweat a lot. You save water in the cold because you do not have to drink extra water.

  • What else do you do to save the environment?
  • Turn off lights, unplug cell phone charger (nine year olds now!!), recycle, use one piece of paper for a two page writing assignment I write on both sides.

  • What animal do you think needs our help the most? Why?
  • Bees because they are dying a lot, maybe because they are stinging people. But in also think that because flowers are dying they do not have anything to live off of.

    • What have you learned about the oil spill in Gulf of Mexico?

    The teachers have not mentioned it in school. They said things are dying. I have learned more about it on the news. It surprised me our teachers did not teach us about it, they told us not to worry about it. (Asked if she had learned about it in Social Studies) NO but I like social studies, I like learning about the environment it in that class not in science class because I do not like science.

    • What do you want to learn about more?

    I want to learn more about how people can make stuff out of recycled stuff.

    I then asked her if kids bring their utensils from home or use the plastic utensils from school?

    Some kids do bring utensils from home but most people use the school stuff.

    Would it be weird for a kids to bring utensils from home?

    Not weird to bring utensils from home. I would bring them from home. I do not think anyone would make fun of anyone for that.

    Then we did the math on how many utensils would be saved from the landfills if everyone did this.

    The Math of Utensil Garbage From Her School

    600 kids
    120 days of school (assuming that most people do not eat a meal that requires a utensil every day of school)
    1 utensil a day (some days here may be a fork and spoon but I thought we should underestimate)
    72,000 Total Utensils end up in the landfills

    That is just one school there are 3 other schools in her small town!!! Think about this across the country!!!

    Ask your kids these questions and send me their answers at greenforu (at)


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