Recommendation: iPad Apps that are Green

If you do not have an ipad get one, it is one of the best investments you can make to save the planet. I really mean it. I have used so little paper since I purchased mine.

Zinio- This app lets you digitally subscribe to magazines. Their list of magazines continues to grow but as of right now they have the most comprehensive list of magazines I have seen in one app. You can get fun stuff like US, serious stuff like The Economist, and green stuff like my favorite magazines Kiwi, Whole Living, Natural Home and Earth Island Journal. You can purchase one issue or subscribe like you would through the mail. Often the subscription is equal or cheaper than a traditional paper subscription. The app alerts you when a new issue is ready for download. This is also an app that once the content is downloaded you can read it when you do not have a connection.

NY Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal- no more newspaper deliveries!! These apps are free but the content may or may not be free. Right now the NY Times has a free app with free content but it is just editors choice information. The Wall Street Journal you need to pay for a subscription to in order to receive content. Whatever your favorite paper is I am sure you can find something you like through the news app section of the app store.

Amazon and iBook- I love books and I love to read but I simply hate carrying them around on the train with me. Now that I can download them I can have them with me at all times. I am also a person who can read more than one book at a time so this is perfect for me, I do not have to decide what I am in the mood for when I leave for work in the morning. You can also make notes and highlight in the iBook version of a book. It is important to note that there is not as big a selection in iBook right now. If you have a Kindle you can access your books on your iPad (or iPhone).

Epicurious- We all know that we should eat foods that are in season and local. This app allows you to search recipes by ingredient. It also lets you pick recipes and makes a shopping list for you so all you have to do is take your ipad to the grocery store with you and you have all the info you need to make a delicious green dinner. Do not forget all the meatless options you can find here too… meatless Monday anyone?

Netflix- Watch your movies in your queue directly on your iPad. No dvd’s mailed to you and delivered by fossil fuel burning vehicles. If you have a Wii get the disc so you can watch your Netflix queue movies on your tv streamed from your Wii. The coolest thing, if you start watching a movie on your Wii and then you want to finish on your iPad it knows where you were and starts where you left off.

GoodReader- this app recognizes the many formats of attachments you may get and opens them for you and makes it easy to read. I have chosen not to print some items that I might have needed to print to review because of this app. It makes it so easy and neat to see and review documents.

HopStop- If you use public transportation in a big city you need this app. This is the mapquest of public transportation. It tells you everything you need to know including how long it will take you to walk from the subway stop you get off at to reach your destination. I know that it is available for many large US cities including New York City.

Notes- this is preloaded but totally worth it. I have used it a lot. Remember when you would write yourself a to do list or a holiday gift list or something like that…. just type it into you notepad and you can add to it, change it and email it to someone!! It is easy on the eyes too which makes it nicer than just sending yourself an email.

Bonus App:
Blogshelf- This app is awesome, it is basically the kindle/ibook/bookshelf of blogs. You find the blogs that you like to read and they are all on your bookshelf. They automatically load when you open the app and are available to read even when you are not in wi-fi or network coverage area. Ideal for an avid blog reader who travels.

Do you have any app recommendations?? Post them below.


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