Etsy Holiday Picks

Decorating my house for the holidays is one of the best things. In an effort to celebrate the holidays greener I thought for the month of December my weekly Etsy picks should be holiday themed. This week is my first list of holiday items. Please visit these talent artist Etsy stores.

I love these stockings made from coffee bean bags. Go to Myvelourdesigns store and pick the one you like the most they have a bunch.

Lets face it we will always need to use gift tags. These are tags made from upcycled holiday cards. Nummynaze does a great job of picking out unique cards.

This is a fun way to use that sweater that you do not like anymore, has a stain on it, or you just never liked in the first place… Dodadchick makes cool wreaths out of the cut up fabric. Love this!!

The concept of this item is very clever. It is a melted bottle that is a vase that you can hang on your wall. I can totally imagine a bunch of these in a hallway or an entrance way. Twicebakedarts is so clever!

Come back tomorrow when I post my holiday gift/wish list. My fellow bloggers at Cupcakes and Cutlery and Hank and Hunt are also going to post their holiday lists tomorrow too so be sure to check them out!


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