New Years Eve Party Planning

I love having New Years parties. This year we are not hosting but I thought this weeks Etsy post should be great New Year’s party items. This week I found alot of really talented upcycler’s (is that a word, I am making things up) and I really wish I was hosting New Year’s and had a reason to buy these all.

Savedbythelandfill has a cool bowls made from records. This would be a perfect chip bowl. They have a few in their Etsy shop so you can actually pick an album that speaks to yours or your host personality.

I frequently read the awesome party blogs like Cupcakes and Cutlery and Sara’s Party Perfect. Garland is one of the “in” party decorations you can have right now and I love Bibliocide’s store. She does amazing things with old dictonary pages.

JMariechic has taken two everyday things and put them together for the perfect party addition a pedestal stand. She had a bunch of different combinations and I love how some of her creations are vintage and modern together. I can totally imagine these on a great dessert table. Do not be scared to use the plates for things other than cakes and cookies, use it on a small table to give you more square footage to put food out, you can hid the napkins underneath!

WOW… swedishguydesigns created the coolest thing that I wish I was getting for Christmas. I had to paste his description of how he made this, amazing. I created this cheese plate from a French oak wine barrel. When the barrel no longer gives toasty oak notes to the wine, it is discarded- or made into a garden planter, or in this case, made into chic little cheese plates. The wood is stained on one side a deep garnet burgundy from the red wine that it gave oaky flavor to. The plate has the hint of curve, a reminder of the barrel that it used to be. I carefully cut and sanded the wood. Next, I added four balanced 3/4″ steel rod feet that give it a mid century, modern look. The piece is finished with all natural food-grade beeswax.

Remember if you are hosting a New Years party make it as green as you can… no plastic silverware and paper plates… use your silverware and your plates, it makes it classier!


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