A Fair Trade Late Night Snack

In honor of Jimmy Fallon’s 2 year anniversary I was given an awesome opportunity to go to an event for the launch of the Fair Trade new flavor of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream called “Late Night Snack.” The newest addition to the Ben and Jerry’s family is rich creamy rBGH free vanilla ice cream with a salty caramel swirl and chocolate covered kettle potato chip chunks!!

So first things first, the ice cream is awesome. I loved it and it will make lots of people with the salty sweet cravings happy. As Jimmy put it “this flavor is so 2011, everyone is into the salted caramel thing.” He is right, people are going to go crazy for it.

How did Ben and Jerry’s come to work with Jimmy Fallon and his team on an ice cream flavor? A skit of course (see it here). Jimmy and his band performed a orginal song called “Ladysmith Snack Mambazo” about Ben and Jerry’s and the next day their people got in touch with his people, talks and ice cream tastings ensued and a new partnership was born!

From left to right: Ben, Jimmy, Ice Cream Pint, Jerry

Ben and Jerry are committed to converting their product line Fair Trade by 2013 and this is the first flavor to carry the Fair Trade Certified label. Jimmy was very interested in supporting this movement with Ben and Jerry.

So what is Fair Trade? Fair Trade supports fair wages, safe working environment, sustainability for the land, animal husbandry and community development for farming communities. Without fair trade practices many farmers are forced to sell their harvests at prices that are below their cost because they are competing against the prices all over the world. Late Night Snack uses fair trade vanilla for the ice cream and Fair Trade cocoa for the potato chip clusters.

So we got to the question and answer part of the event and I asked Ben and Jerry since they were pioneers in the green and socially responsible corporations do they think that it is easier for companies to be green today? Ben answered by saying that he thinks it is easier now particularly because customers want to see it happen and are more informed AND because employees want to work for companies that are committed to these initiatives. Jimmy jumped in and talked about how when they created the set for the show he really wanted the greenest studio they could create. His stage is made of bamboo, the carpet is made from recycled plastic bottles and the seats are recycled from the old Radio City Music Hall “complete with the bed bugs” LOL!

It was a really fun evening and it was great to see three people with strong environmentally and socially responsibly views team up and do something fun but with a good message.

NBC and Jimmy Fallon are giving their share of the proceeds to Fair Trade Universities whose mission is to get universities to us Fair Trade Products. Several US universities are already signed up and there is a conference at Western Kentucky University to help students get their school involved! Sounds like a great organization.

For more information about Ben and Jerry’s corporate commitments to Fair Trade, rBGH free milk and other socially and environmentally responsible info go to their website benjerry.com


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