New Radiation Fears in Japan

News: Concerns continue to grow in Japan over the nuclear power plants. This morning (east coast US time) workers were evacuated around reactor 3 due to high radiation levels and smoke conditions. Smoke is now being see around the reactor 2. Power has been restored to at least one reactor with hopes to link the other reactors soon. There are also new reports of radiation levels I creasing in food like spinach that is grown 65 miles from the plant and milk that is processed 18 miles from the plant.

Thoughts: It is truly amazing that 9 days after the earthquake and tsunami that they have been able to keep these reactor from having complete meltdowns and not having chain reaction meltdowns since the reactors and their spend fuel rod pools are so close together.

The news, which I have followed very closely on this topic has been hard to follow is controlled by TEMPCO the power company running the plant. The Japanese government has worked to keep peoples fear at bay and that is expected in a time of crisis. My concern is if and or when there is a real meltdown is any civilians are injured or die at this point it seems like it could have been prevented. Their has been ample time to evacuate local areas, get people to safer areas, and identify radiation levels around the country.

Radiation in the food supply is not surprising, anyone who looked at this carefully would recognize that there is serious risk for peoplee. The World Heath Organization has just voiced their concerns about the radiation levels in the food supply. There are conflicting reports in the news about what the real risks are from the radiation, how many milliservets is normal, if people I a one hour time are hit with more radiation that they do I a year and then it happens again 20 hours later that is not ok and this seems to be glossed over.

I worry about the people of Japan for their health and safety. They have already gone through such a difficult time it is important for them to have the information they need so they can be healthy and stay healthy.


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