Fun and Serious Earth Day Activities

Here are some fun ways to celebrate Earth Day

Enter to win the HGTV Green home in Denver Colorado

Bring a reusable cup to Starbucks on Friday and get a free coffee or tea. You can RSVP on Facebook here.

Take their pledge to win Sierra Club’s trip for two to Vieques Island in the Caribbean, wake up each morning at the Inn on the Blue Horizon with a view of the sea, and explore an amazing bioluminescent bay. Plus, you’ll outfit your vacation with a $1,000 gift certificate from BCBG Max Azria.

Old Navy is collecting old flip flops to send to Terracycle to use to make playground equipment and Office Depot will be accepting used writing equipment for vouchers off new merchandise. The used pencils, pens and markers will be sent to TerraCycle which will turn them into new office supplies.

Healthcare giant Kaiser Permanente and charity thrift store chain Goodwill Southern California will be collecting electronic waste at Kaiser locations from Bakersfield, Calif., to San Diego, Calif.

Electronics retailer Radioshack is offering customers the chance to win an eco-friendly car. Customers will be entered into the draw for an electric Nissan LEAF when they trade in and recycle used electronic devices at the store in return for money off a new product.

Avon will sell the fundraising aluminum “Hello Green Tomorrow” water bottle. Avon will contribute all proceeds from the sale of the bottle to The Nature Conservancy for continuing efforts in the Atlantic Rainforest in South America and to World Wildlife Fund for their reforestation projects in Indonesia.

Here are some more serious ways to celebrate Earth Day

ACTION: This week Tweet the companies below and tell them stop using styrofoam us the hashtag #nostyro If you are not on twitter go to their Facebook page or email them using their customer feedback pages (links listed below)

Dunkin Donuts (@dunkindonuts): Tell Dunkin Donuts on Facebook here. Click here to tell Dunkin Donuts to finally get rid of their cups!

Chick-fil-a (@chickfila and @dancathy): Tell them on Facebook by clicking here. Click here to tell them to stop using styrofoam cups and containers. They even say on their website that they are not going to change their cups till they find a cup that still statifies their customers, right now they have not?

McDonalds ( @mcdonalds and @mcdonaldscorp) They may have ben the leaders in stoping the use of styrofoam containers in the late 80’s and early 90’s. They still use styrofoam cups in some areas for their Sweet Tea drinks. To leave a comment with them on their social responsibily webpage click here

Sonic (@sonicdrive_in): Tell them on Facebook here. Click here to tell Sonic get rid of their styrofoam cups

Jamba Juice (@jambajuice): Tell them on Facebook by clicking here. Click here to tell them to stop using styrofoam cups

Egglands Best (@egglandsbest): Tell them on Facebook here. Click here to tell Egglands Best to stop using styrofoam egg cartons.

ACTION: Write to your local and state officals and you ongressman and tell that what is important to you to be protected in the environment.

ACTION: eat a locally grown meal (make it yourself or find a local resturant)

ACTION: Pick one day in the coming month that you do not drive at all!

ACTION: Try to not use any electricity for an entire day (except your fridge and other required thing, but that does not include your tv or computer)


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