Obama Promoting Nuclear Power In Europe!

I am sitting in the lab doing my glucose test listening to president Obama talk
in Poland about ALOT of topics but right now he is talking about nuclear power.
I am increasingly upset to hear our President or any other leader discussing
nuclear power and it's expansion around the world.

As a few of my posts here have showed I am concerned about the safety of the
these power plants. The safety of the people who are living in the vicinity of a
power plant and world at large that would be victims of any meltdown or other

We have energy needs, huge energy needs and it is easy for me to sit here and
type this on my iPad that I charged last night not through solar or wind power
to say "no nuclear power." the reality is we cannot fall back on dangerous
energy sources just because we need more and more power!

After the earthquake and tsunami in Japan it was remarkable that the damage to the
the power plants was not worse but that does not change the fact that the
nuclear disaster will forever change the lives of the people who live near the
power plants. They were lucky enough to survive these other disasters only to
live with the threat of radiation for years to come.

We need to invest in other power sources. We need to stop promoting nuclear
power in the US and abroad. I find it particularly upsetting to hear our
president in another country talking about helping them increase their nuclear
power. While it is great idea to help them developing safe plants, we should not
be promoting them.

How do you feel about Obama supporting other country’s nuclear power efforts?


Image from AP

PS Sorry for the weird font today I cannot seem to change it no matter what I do?



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