Two Thirds of the Country Under a Heat Advisory

That was an actual news article title I saw today, yesterday and the day before.

Heat index in most of the country will be over 100 some places reaching almost 120!

There are rolling power reductions across NY city that started yesterday, meaning certain office building are being asked to reduce their power usage during certain hours to make sure that the city can stay powered and keep the residents cool. NY is not alone in this struggle to keep the power on (here is an article on the record-setting power demand).

13 people have died due to the heat and it is still predicted to last for 2 more days. I read an article that states the statistics are really much higher but to “classify” that someone died because of the heat is not usually the primary cause so unfortunately the number is likely much higher. Also the same article stated that more people die from heat (just the defined heat related deaths) than hurricanes, tornadoes and other extreme weather COMBINED! I was shocked!

If you are on Facebook you know that almost everyone is posting about the heat either their car’s temperature gauge, a sign they see, or their own comments/observations on the heat and how it has affected them. I have seen no posts about how people love the heat, although to be fair I did read (and comment) on a lively conversation about whether a foot of snow is better than 100 plus heat. I said snow absolutely was better and was pretty much called crazy by every other person!

One common factor I have seen in these posts is the general comments and tone is THIS JUST IS NOT NORMAL. I could not agree more. Each summer is hotter than the last one and the top ten hottest US summers on record the last 3 are on that list and I am willing to bet this summer will make it too.

We all know there are millions of naysayers out there about global warming (a term that should be banned because of its negative connotation with people) and climate change/climate weirding.

How can we all look at this nationwide heat wave and not re-evaluate what we are doing in our lives that is contributing to this discomfort?

PS. I have been writing lots of posts and researching lots of things to post here but when I saw that title I could not let this nationwide heat wave go uncommented on while I work on those other posts!


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