The Green Things I Love

So I wish I could take a real page out of Oprah’s book and give every reader the items I talk about this week but I cannot especially since I have purchased everything I am going to write about. Full disclosure here… no one gave me anything that I am writing about and these companies have never, ever heard of me. All this aside these are some of the new green things in my life and they are great and I want to tell you about them.

Sanuk’s are the absolute rage in my family right now. My mother in law started it by getting her 3 sons each a pair and a pair for herself. Us wives got a little jealous and we got some too. I have two pair the yoga sandals pictured above and their Scribble shoes. Their yoga mat shoes are made from recycled yoga mats and you feel like you are walking on foam all day. They are fantastic shoes in comfort and the green factor.

I had a really hard time finding out a lot information about just how green they are as a company but they minimize their waste and make many parts of their shoes from recycled materials. Their shoes do not come in boxes (at least that is what I have been told and have seen) and the tags that are on the shoes are made from recycled materials.

You have to check out these shoes, the yoga mat flip-flops are for everyone, if you like flip-flops or even if you do not you will love these. Their shoes are definitely more funky but are so comfortable and cool. You should check them out.

To purchase them on click <a href=”Sanuk Women’s Yoga Mat Flip Flop “>here

Follow Sanuk on Twitter @sanukfootwear

Like Sanuk on facebook here

Check out The Sanuk Blog

*Image from  Dillards


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