This will make you actually compost!

So continuing with my recommendations of things that help me keep green, this is one of the awesome Christmas presents that I received that I am now just getting to use… the Simple Human Kitchen Compost Pail.

Basically this is a handy device to leave on your kitchen counter where you can deposit all your compostable items. All to often you can put aside what you need to compost in a bowl while you are preparing dinner but how many times have you forgotten to put it out in your heap or bin outside so you end up throwing it out later (because you are ready to go to bed and do not want go outside to your compost pile… confession?).

Leave this pail on your counter or even under your sink (but I caution you might forget about it there) and put your stuff in there. There is a filter in the top that keeps the smell from your house if you forget for a day or two there is something in there.

Lets face it we all have good intentions but honestly sometimes these little things help us actually do it.

If you want more details about how to compost click here for tips from

You can get these ANYWHERE but here is a link to Amazon “simplehuman Compost Pail, Stainless Steel ”  if you want to order it online.


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