Stop Using Plastic in the Microwave

Environmental health experts agree: don’t put plastic in a microwave. If you’ve done it in the past, don’t fret. Just don’t do it going forward. When you heat plastic in a microwave, it releases its chemical components into your food. Depending on what kind of plastic it is, this could mean the hormone disrupting chemical bisphenol-A (BPA), or the nefarious chemicals that make thin PVC (vinyl) film flexible.

Don’t be fooled by items stamped “microwave-safe” that just means how hot the material can get before it loses its shape, not that it won’t leach chemicals into your dinner, though those levels are supposed to be low. There is no government agency that verifies that these “safe” plastics are actually safe for microwaves.

Another interesting not is that no government agency making sure everything stamped BPA-free is actually free of BPA. Although the EPA is moving closer to that.

Lets face it we all have done this and sometimes it may be hard to avoid but you should stop using plastic in the microwave. This is a simple way to avoid allowing questionable chemicals to get into your food.

What should you use instead: Glass is as safe as it gets. Lead-free ceramic works as well.

Let’s face it this is just another reason why plastic is bad.


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