Have You Ever Read Green Child Magazine?

I was just reading through the Summer 2012 issue of Green Child Magazine and it is a great issue. There are so many great tips for parents including recipes. Here are some of the topics covered in this issue:

  • Free Range Summer: how to let your kids have a fun and natural summer while enjoying nature
  • How to Travel Green with Kids: Some great tips on how to go away this summer without sacrificing the environment in the process
  • Interview with Sara Snow: Author and TV show star (tv show about green living)
  • Natural First Aid: by far the most informative article how to use homeopathic remedies to fix what ails you in the summer like insect bites.
  • There are even craft ideas and recipes.

You can check out the issue on ISSUU.com here. ISSUU.com is a great website where you can read free digital magazines and books. There are thousands of great magazines to check out on there so explore some of the other great green things there.

Disclaimer: Green Child Magazine has no idea who I am or that I wrote this post. I do confess that when I go to BlogHer that I meet their representative. 


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