Why Do We Recycle?


As my daughter gets older I want to teach her about the environment. We read the Lorax all the time, for about 4 months and she memorized it. Recently we were at the local toy store picking out birthday gifts when I saw the book Little Pirate: Why Do We Recycle? that is part of the Little Pirate Science Made Simple series.

When I took education classes in college we learned about the importance of early childhood education and how children start to form their interests when they are very young. I realized I had to teach my kids as early as I can about environment and this book is a good but basic way to teach them.


We have read it every night this week!

It is a pretty simple book that talks about not throwing trash into the ocean. Not using paper cups and not using plastic bags


I love the part where it talks about recycling. It explains to kids what happens to the stuff that we put in all those color coded bins.

Bonus: At the end of the book it has three craft projects on reusing your old water bottle, newspaper, or shoebox.

My one complaint is that the book is a little to simplistic I think they could have taken the topic a bit further. Kids have much more capacity than this book gives them credit for.

My daughter now says when we finish the book “Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse.”

Disclaimer: innovativekids.com has never heard of me. They did not send me this book and they have no idea I wrote this post.


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