Did You Know There Was A Huge Fire This Week?

Photo By D. H. Parks

Twitter has been known to be the source of breaking news. Many people will tell you that they found about many major events like Steve Jobs passing from Twitter (as I typed this sentence the Big Bang Theory characters were talking about news on Twitter!!).

On Monday, when I was going through all my card from BlogHer and following my new friends I saw something about a refinery fire in San Francisco at the Richmond Chevron oil refinery. I found Tweet Pics and Instagrams of enormous smoke plum and flames that were visible from many miles away. I instantly turned on CNN and Anderson Cooper was reporting from the most recent shooting in the US.

I waited for him to cut away. I waited for the ticker on the bottom to say something. I waited for something, anything to happen. NOTHING.

I went to Wikipedia to read about the refinery on fire and someone had already updated the page listing it was on fire!!

I went to find the local news coverage on the internet and watched that for a while. They were giving residents directions to shelter in place and how to properly seal their homes to protect from the air pollution.

I switched back to CNN, surely they were covering this by now. Nope and to the best of my knowledge they never did. I eventually gave up and went to bed.

What does it say about our media when a major city in the US is n the middle of a an environmental crisis and there was no one reporting on it? I think I would not have written this if there was at least something on the ticker about it.

If they will not cover a story this big that was trending on twitter…etc. How can we rely on them for our other environmental and health news?

Photo by D. H. Parks found on Flickr Creative Commons. D.H. Parks does not endorse anything written here.


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