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I was born an environmentalist. My parents were normal parents, they were not environmentalists but compared to our current way of life they were. They taught me and raised me in a home that had values that are considered green and environmental today. I started this blog because it was so clear we have lost our way. We are not living as healthy a lifestyle as we should, our environment is rapidly deteriorating before our eyes and most importantly our children are being raised in this world without the values of just a generation ago.

This blog is to give us all the information we need to make a difference in our own lives and the worlds children. If we can get this young generation to be “green natives” while the other generations are on their green immigration we have chance to affect change.

Why listen to what I have to say? I a mother of two young children, I have a BA in Political Science and Masters Degree in Public Administration with a concentration of public policy but most importantly I care about the planet and everyone that lives here now and in the future.

What do I write about? How we can make changes (simple and hard, cheap and expensive) in our daily lives, information about what things are that you hear about (like fracking), political action updates (how to contact your state and local officials), ideas on how you can help others involved in this cause, recipes, and occasionally a product recommendation that will help you live a more healthy life and help the environment.

If you want to read more about my journey to environmentalism read this post

I am PR friendly but for the right fit, feel free to email me to discuss more. I would love to talk to you!

Email: greenforu (at) hotmail.com (no spam please… please… please)

Follow me on twitter http://twitter.com/greenforu


10 thoughts on “About and PR

  1. Great work!
    I applaud your efforts and will strive to send some ideas along to you as I come up with them or hear them. You inspire me. 🙂
    tip you may have already covered: Bring your old plastic grocery bags to the dog park. There are containers there for dog owners to ‘take a bag’ to use for pooper-scooping. What a great way to put those old bags to use!
    Once you’ve run out of bags to donate, you know it’s time to buy a reusable grocery bag or two. Keep them in your car so that each time you shop, you can use your own bags and help save the planet. 🙂

  2. Hi,
    Your blog looks great! I love finding blogs like these, that allow you to become more environmentally friendly without doing something as drastic as going off the grid.

    I really enjoyed reading your blog. Perhaps you would like to check mine out too: I discuss environmental, human, and animal rights infringements to the best of my ability. If you like, then we can add each other to the blog roll.

    Let me know :o).

    Great work!
    Nik Piepenbreier

  3. Hello!

    I am the Social Media contact for The Baddish PR Group here in New York. I’m
    writing to share the news of this incredible grass fed beef for consideration of a write up on your website (we love your site by the way). Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments. I can get you some samples of the beef to try for yourself if you’re interested. See below for more information.

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    La Cense cattle are raised in a healthy, more humane way, free from
    pesticides and antibiotics and are left to graze in open pastures on a
    huge Montana farm. And, because they are grass-fed, they are a lot
    healthier. As you know, we live in a country that is concerned with
    weight and as such, La Cense beef has fewer calories (for example, a 6
    oz. steak has 100 fewer calories) and is high in omega 3 fatty acids,
    which enhances heart health and reduces the risk of obesity. LA CENSE IS
    IDEAL for foodies who are concerned about the planet but don’t want to
    give up flavor.

    Thank you for your consideration. We’ve already been written up on http://www.spungle.com and http://www.luxist.com. Our write up on Luxist includes a video of a tasting, definitely worth watching! http://www.luxist.com/2008/04/28/tasting-the-la-cense-beef/

    With a product this healthy and great, the world should definitely know about it.
    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Andrew DiPalma

  4. I was going to call you a “granola eating commune dwelling hippy,
    but you beat me to the punch… LOL!
    As a fellow traveler on the rock, I thank you for your effort.
    Perhaps, if you get through to enough people, they’ll stop calling me a fool
    for trying to turn garbage and shipping containers into a home for my family!
    Kudos, you hippy, you! I bet you’re a vegetarian, too! LOL!

  5. I think this is awesome! Thank you for making a place for normal people to learn how to be a little better towards our environment 🙂

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