Save Your Egg Shells


I have known the benefits of egg shells and been saving my egg shells for a while now. People when they come to my house wonder why I have the glass jar filled with egg shells and I am always left to explain to them why it is a good idea.

We use a lot of eggs in our house and we have a compost heap as well as lots of plants. So in an effort to get the most out of my scraps I knew I had to save my egg shells. Since I get asked so many times why save your egg shell? I figured I should research it more and share it with you here.

Why should you put egg shells in your garden?

Egg shells are very rich in calcium and all plants need calcium to grow. Some plants deplete calcium faster than others. Heavy rain and over watering can also wash away calcium from the soil making it more essential for you to replace.

How should I prepare and store my egg shells?

I keep my egg shells in a glass jar so they can dry out (do not put dirty or wet with egg yolk shells in the garden). Crush up the egg shells into tiny pieces. The smaller the pieces the easier it will be for it to breakdown and get the calcium into the soil.

How do I use them?

You can put the egg shells in the bottom of a planter this will help get the nutrients into the soil and right to roots. It will also help with drainage. You can also place the crushed egg shells in the bottom of a hole when you plant your flowers or vegetables or place around the stems of the plants.

Are there particular plants they work well with?

I have read that they work particularly well for peppers, tomatoes (helps prevent blossom end rot), broccoli, and cabbage. They also help deter slugs and cutworms (if you have a slug issue you can also put small saucers of beer in the garden, they will be attracted to that and no eat you plants).

What if I just want to compost them?

Make sure they are dry before you put them in your compost heap or bin. You can put them in as a larger pieces because your compost will work at a different rate.  I recommend that your compost be well balanced and rich in many nutrients so even if you use your egg shells in your planters and around your plants put some in your compost as well.

Now maybe when visitors to my house ask my why I save my egg shells I can give them the Barney Stinson response from How I Met Your Mother “Don’t you ever read my blog.”

Do you know any other plants that egg shells work well with?


Have You Ever Read Green Child Magazine?

I was just reading through the Summer 2012 issue of Green Child Magazine and it is a great issue. There are so many great tips for parents including recipes. Here are some of the topics covered in this issue:

  • Free Range Summer: how to let your kids have a fun and natural summer while enjoying nature
  • How to Travel Green with Kids: Some great tips on how to go away this summer without sacrificing the environment in the process
  • Interview with Sara Snow: Author and TV show star (tv show about green living)
  • Natural First Aid: by far the most informative article how to use homeopathic remedies to fix what ails you in the summer like insect bites.
  • There are even craft ideas and recipes.

You can check out the issue on here. is a great website where you can read free digital magazines and books. There are thousands of great magazines to check out on there so explore some of the other great green things there.

Disclaimer: Green Child Magazine has no idea who I am or that I wrote this post. I do confess that when I go to BlogHer that I meet their representative. 

Green Mothers Day Gift Ideas

There are so many ways to show Mom that you love her that are also environmentally friendly. I separated them into categories to make it easy to see what kind of things your Mom might like.

For the Mom who loves to Garden:

  • Get a recycled bottle watering can.
  • Buy fall bulbs for planting (Spring Hill Nursery) with gloves and other garden tools.
  • Purchase lily’s in your mother’s favorite color they will grow back every year and make a great addition to the yard… every year she will be reminded how much you love her.
  • Get a planter and fill it with strawberry plants so she can put it on her deck and enjoy strawberries through out the year. Throw in some chocolate for her to melt and make chocolate covered strawberries or add a bottle of champagne (they go together so well).
  • Fill a planter up with your Mom’s favorite herbs so she will have fresh ingredients on hand.

For the Mom who loves to Cook:

  • Guide to how to shop at a Farmers Market, with a list of local farmers markets, and a canvas bag to take with her.
  • Meatless cookbook, Mom does not need to be a vegetarian to enjoy some recipes that do not use meat (Moosewood Inn has some fantastic vegetarian cookbooks).
  • Bamboo cooking utensils and cutting board (since bamboo is renewable).

For the Mom who loves Clothes:

  • A spa gift certificate and a bamboo or organic cotton robe so she can feel like she is at the spa even after she leaves.
  • Organic cotton clothing or Bamboo clothing.

For a Mom who loves to Pamper Herself:

  • Buy her a basket of products from the Body Shop they use fair trade ingredients, never test on animals, and have been at the forefront of corporate responsibility.
  • Aveda organic products including their soy candles.

Other ideas:

  • Give to Mom’s favorite environmental charity
  • Think of things your Mom really loves, maybe she talks about a thing she had when she was kid that she loved but does not have anymore, look for it at antique shops, Etsy, and Ebay (that is recycling too).
  • Buy a picture frame from recycled materials and put a picture of you, your siblings, her grandkids…etc. in it for her.

Remember be creative and really think about what your Mom would like. For all she does for you and your family she will appreciate the thoughtfulness.