The Lorax DVD Failed


It is not hard to imagine that The Lorax book is a favorite in my house. So when we did not get to see the movie in the movie theater we did the next best thing we purchased it on DVD. It is not the greenest thing to purchase DVD’s but I do believe that when you have young children the classic kids movies should be purchased on DVD so they can be watched over and over and over again.

I fully expected Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax movie to be packaged in an environmentally friendly way. I was horrified when I saw it packaged the way we see every other DVD wrapped in plastic with a cardboard sleeve with a plastic holder inside! I could not believe it.

I went on line to see if we had failed to order the commemorative green version of the movie. To my knowledge there was no such version.

It sounds dramatic but I was so disappointed. Here I am teaching my daughter about the environment and the Lorax story is one of the ways we talk about what we can do and it shows up in the least ecofriendly packaging I can think of.

So I looked for a recycling symbol on the packaging and there was none!! There was “AGIPolymatrix” “eco-lite” imprinted on the spine on the inside of the DVD case. So I took to Google and did some research and this case uses 26% less plastic than other cases. I also found many message boards of DVD collectors complaining about this case because it is “flimsy.” While I would agree it weighs less than other DVD cases and is “flimsy,” it is still plastic, has no recycling symbol and was wrapped in plastic.

According to in the first week of DVD sales totaled 1,964,701. So that means that 1,964,701 DVD cases will be around when my great, great, grandchildren will be born and we know that this is just what was sold not what was produced.

So for a movie that opening scene talks about a world made completely of plastic with nothing natural in it and has an over arching theme of environmentalism, waste reduction and appreciation for nature…. the packaging was a cruel joke and a mixed message for children.

Want to let Universal know they failed our children here is how:

Tweet them at @universalEnt @TheLorax and tell them you are disappointed in their packaging. Here is a sample “@universalEnt I am disappointed in your packaging for @TheLorax Maybe you need to watch the movie again #GreenFail”

Post something on their Facebook wall for Universal Entertainment and The Lorax and tell them what you think.


Warriors on the Same Path

I thought long and hard about how I could write about my experience at Blogher here that would be of interest. I learned many valuable tips about blogs deep dark technical side but more importantly I was inspired. While at a screening of a powerful movie “Toxic Baby” Dominque Browning of Mom’s Clean Air Force said “We cannot look back on this time and have our kids ask us: ‘what were you doing?'”

I have also had this thought in the back of my mind even before I had children of my own: will history look back on us say what the heck was wrong with these people! It hit home for me more when I became a parent. There are times in history when horrible things happened and I was always fascinated with the question what was everyone else doing? How could people let this happen?

I had the amazing opportunity to meet in person people I knew virtually before and met people for the first time who are working to make sure that when we look back historically at this time there were people working to make a difference.

As a mother, I can think of no greater disappointment than for my children to look back at me and say I failed to do the right thing at the right time. I do not want them to think I did not do what I could to make our home and our planet a place that everyone can live in for generations to come.

I had the great pleasure of meeting my fellow warriors on this path who are all doing amazing work in different but all important ways to help save this planet but more importantly our home. Beth Terry, author of My Plastic Free Life was amazing and I am so happy I was able to get a signed copy of her (plastic free) book. Katy from Non-Toxic-Kids, Lori from Groovy Green Livin, Brenna from Almost All The Truth, Harriet the Climate Mama, Michaela the Mindful Momma, and Anna from Green Talk were all amazing experienced environmentalists. I also got spend time with Paige the author of Spit That Out which is another book on my virtual bookshelf!


In addition, to these amazing personal interactions I was inspired by Barack Obama, the President of the United States who addressed our group via video conference (or Skype). Did he talk about the environment… nope (maybe I have 2 posts from BlogHer). But the fact that President thought that the group of people I was sitting with was an influential group I realized I was in the right place and doing the right thing for my children to not be disappointed in me.


Successful mothers like Katie Couric, Martha Stewart, Christy Turlington-Burns, Soledad O’Brien, and Malaak Compton-Rock all spoke at the conference about how they are working to make a difference. They all talked about their inspirations, what makes them work so hard and their challenges. Each one of them had a humility and humor about what they do and I found that to be just as inspiring as the work they do.

So while I think I came home with some more knowledge about SEO, keywords and tweeting. More importantly, I came home with a renewed excitement for what I have been doing here for so long which honestly I was starting to wonder if this was the best platform for me. After meeting this group I know I am in the right place to make my children proud and for my grandchildren to say some day “My grandma and her friends did not sit by and let this happen.”

Top picture: Back row (left to right) @almosttruth, @mindfulmomma@groovygreenlivi, Front rown (left to right) @non_toxic_kids@climatemomma@greenforu. Picture courtesy of Thanks Lori for carrying around your camera all weekend. The other pictures are mine from my iPhone, I thought they would be better. 

11 Year Olds Thoughts on the Environment

The picture she drew a few years ago

Every year I interview my niece about what she knows and what she care about the environment. This is her thoughts this year on the environment. Read my first interview with her here.
  1. What do you learn about the environment in school? Nothing, they do not really teach us anything. They do not really care about the environment. They tell us not to use electricity if you do have to and they tell to recycle but not how to do it us how to do it. at home? Nothing really. I mean I recycle, I mean I do not really learn anything… except from you.
  2. Do you recycle at school? Yes, paper, plastic, and cans they are all in the same container and they actually sort it somewhere else. The recycling bins this year are larger than the garbage cans at home? Yes, at my Mom’s house
  3. What do you think you could do to save more water? Take shorter showers, not leave the water running for no reason
  4. Do you think you could use less electricity? Yes How? I could unplug my phone charger because it is using electricity when I am not using it, Shut of TV and lights when I am not in the room, use less air conditioning or heat
  5. Would you ever drive a small car? No, because I was told by people that if I get into an accident I am more likely to be injured or killed. I would rather be safe than save energy
  6. Which do you like better hot or cold weather? In the middle Why? I just like it in the middle
  7. What else do you do to save the environment? I try really hard to turn off the lights when I am not using them and turn off the tv when possible. I am not sure I do anything else.
  8. What animal do you think needs our help the most? I really think bees need our help. well also there is this kind of ape that there are only like 5 left Why? Bees are really an important part of our life. They make honey and how they make honey is really important for us to live
  9. Do you think you need to do more to save the environment? No because I am kid I think I can do stuff but I cannot do that much What do think should happen? If I looked it up on the internet and found ways then I would but right now I do not know how I can really make a difference
  10. Tell me as many things as you can that you use everyday made of plastic? Cups, bags, water bottle (disposable and reusable), toothbrush hairbrush, toothpaste container, shampoo, conditioner, shoes, clothing, wii remotes, phone, phone case, milk container (daily for my milk at lunch), nail polish, pens, softball and soccer gear, back pack, scissors, tv, alarm clock, night stand, stereo, hangers, Fatheads in my room, clocks, certain jewelry, makeup container, pencil box, markers, computer, and hairbands.
  11. Are you surprised how many things you listed? Yes How can you use less? buy stuff that I can reuse… refill my plastic container with stuff.

If you want to post what your kids say to these questions email me at (please note no names will be used)