Save Your Egg Shells


I have known the benefits of egg shells and been saving my egg shells for a while now. People when they come to my house wonder why I have the glass jar filled with egg shells and I am always left to explain to them why it is a good idea.

We use a lot of eggs in our house and we have a compost heap as well as lots of plants. So in an effort to get the most out of my scraps I knew I had to save my egg shells. Since I get asked so many times why save your egg shell? I figured I should research it more and share it with you here.

Why should you put egg shells in your garden?

Egg shells are very rich in calcium and all plants need calcium to grow. Some plants deplete calcium faster than others. Heavy rain and over watering can also wash away calcium from the soil making it more essential for you to replace.

How should I prepare and store my egg shells?

I keep my egg shells in a glass jar so they can dry out (do not put dirty or wet with egg yolk shells in the garden). Crush up the egg shells into tiny pieces. The smaller the pieces the easier it will be for it to breakdown and get the calcium into the soil.

How do I use them?

You can put the egg shells in the bottom of a planter this will help get the nutrients into the soil and right to roots. It will also help with drainage. You can also place the crushed egg shells in the bottom of a hole when you plant your flowers or vegetables or place around the stems of the plants.

Are there particular plants they work well with?

I have read that they work particularly well for peppers, tomatoes (helps prevent blossom end rot), broccoli, and cabbage. They also help deter slugs and cutworms (if you have a slug issue you can also put small saucers of beer in the garden, they will be attracted to that and no eat you plants).

What if I just want to compost them?

Make sure they are dry before you put them in your compost heap or bin. You can put them in as a larger pieces because your compost will work at a different rate.  I recommend that your compost be well balanced and rich in many nutrients so even if you use your egg shells in your planters and around your plants put some in your compost as well.

Now maybe when visitors to my house ask my why I save my egg shells I can give them the Barney Stinson response from How I Met Your Mother “Don’t you ever read my blog.”

Do you know any other plants that egg shells work well with?


My Personal Green Successes and Failures

I am trying as I write these posts to practice what I preach but as I professed in my first post I did not think I could do it all and I am not. But lets start with the good stuff first.


Walking- I have tried hard to walk to as many places as I can to do my errands. My personal success story is walking to and from my local farmers market (which is not that local). One week on my way to the market I walked down a street that was having a multi-family garage sale (20 families with ‘recycled’ goods, needless to say the walking kept me from buy more). I still could work on walking more places but I am trying hard.


Driving Less- While that seems like a no brainer with walking it is not. I have run a few errands with friends so we have car pooled together which is helpful to the environment.


Recycling- My husband and I have done a really good job of putting everything we can in the recycling bin everyday and we have seen a huge reduction in our garbage production.


Composting- While I have yet to write a post about it because I do not feel well versed in this yet I am learning. We have two compost piles going right now, one in a plastic compost bin and an open air pile (mostly grass). I have a pail in the kitchen that I put all allowable scraps in to help reduce the garbage created.


Using water bottles- I use my Sigg water bottle all the time and just yesterday was able to finally get one for my husband. I have been filling mine up with tap water for weeks now. I have greatly reduced the use of plastic water bottles.


Where I am failing…


Energy use- Our energy consumption has increased. Partially do to some work being done on the house that has been using a lot of energy but also leaving my computer and lights on more than I should. I need to work harder on making sure that things are unplugged… just the other day I left my phone charger plugged in for two days when I was not charging the phone.


Cloth Napkins- I just cannot get my husband to convert. This has been a failure. Maybe if I make him a Met’s napkin (or something manly) he will use it. This is not a big one, but it should have been really easy so in some ways I consider it my biggest failure.


Using Canvas bags- I use them at the grocery store but I have not been good about bringing them to other stores. I try to bring them with me but I keep forgetting. I need to get a small foldable bag to put in my purse.


While I am happy to say I am trying I wanted to share what has been working and what has not. As we all try to change our habits it is important that we don’t give up even when things get tough to do.